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Cute and Cosy Fall/Autumn and Winter Outfits 🤗❤️🥶

November 28, 2023

So we meet again, or maybe for the first time, for me to share what I’ve been wearing over the cooler months as a retired woman in their sixties who’s had their share of health and personal challenges.

The main message I’d like to send to you is to get up, dress up (in your own way and style and show up!

Do people in my little beachside communities of Wollongong and Eden, on the south coast and far south coast of Australia, respectively, give a bit of side eye and have a bit of a giggle over some of my getups? Sure, some do, but actually most give a compliment and a smile of support.

In any case, I’m lucky I was raised to not worry about what other people think of me, none of my business! lol

This outfit is a case in point where there were a few compliments and giggles as I went about my business, pics from 2022 but the outfit is still wearable for years to come

I really think this use of vibrant colours is gorgeous for a dull winter’s day and the tights, booties, felt hat, scarf, sunnies and moto jacket add some extra interest.

I know the full skirt isn’t so flattering but truly, that’s another change I’ve noticed, I just don’t care if something is flattering or not, I just wear what I want to …

I love the chevron pattern in this cute, knit skirt which, as it has black, beige and white in it, makes for a variety of sassy outfits.

You can really see the lymphodoema swelling on my left arm here, it comes and goes, all I can do is try to manage it through various means.

Paired with black makes the look a little more business, but the top has a sexy cutout to change the vibe that wee bit.

I’ve gained a few kilos, but the main thing is I’m pretty healthy and I’m alive, and I still make the best of the things that I can control – I just have to control my appetite for delicious goodies!

The ballet flats with a bit of a heel that were so comfy – I’m really over feeling uncomfortable these days.. I loved the clash in print with the bag to add extra interest to the outfit.

As the weather turned colder this skirt would pair equally well with tights, boots and cosy coat, jacket or ruana.

No need to add anything to this outfit as this wool blazer, which was my Dad’s when his team were our state of New South Wales Soccer premiers in 1940, is really warm, especially with a knit dress underneath.

Bottle green is a gorgeous colour for the cooler months and I’m always here for a monochromatic outfit.

I also have a maroon blazer of Dad’s from the same year where he represented the state in Cricket, it was a big year for his sporting achievements!

I’ve always enjoyed health and fitness, having been a swimmer but I’m just not into team sports..

And speaking of bottle green:

This outfit didn’t make the cut for this year as the skirt, although beautiful quality and a lovely brand, is just too scratchy.

I still have the little printed top and the big cardi but have been tending to wear them around the house rather than styling for out and about.

Shearling fur is a big trend and I was so lucky to pick this up second hand, virtually unworn

This combo of like colours makes for a chic winter look – the shearling coat over the velour jumper over the satin shirt together with the pleather pants gives a richness and depth of textures that takes this outfit to the next level.

One of the things I really enjoy about having an eclectic style and wearing any colour and every colour is that there’s nothing off limits.

Boho or Bust!

Now, I always gravitate to boho looks and this one was so fun and relaxed!

I always have a feeling of liberty when I wear Boho chic outfits, and this was no exception!

The colours were just right for a cool, crisp day and the pattern on the ruana is vibrant and fun when paired with the all neutral jeans, jumper and booties.

Matching in with the fringed bag, animal print scarf as a headband and sunnies, also added the fun element.

Transition Time!

Where we live on the south east coast of Australia has a fairly moderate climate so winters can be quite mild and this 3 piece suit was perfect for a cool evening out to dinner.

Love the oversized manstyle look pants and blazer.

This suit would look great with a t-shirt, blouse or skivvy and this top was perfect.

That wraps up today’s convo about my Fall/Autumn/Winter outfits with all the different styles and looks.

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the web today and I’d love for you to consider leaving a comment.

Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝


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