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Dark Neutrals for the Autumn/Fall and Winter!

November 19, 2023

Black as a Base

Like so many of us, I do turn to black as a base as I approach the cooler months, even though I’ve found that I wear it less frequently than I have in the past.

I can never resist the femininity and ethereal energy of a tulle skirt and this black one never fails to deliver.

As with so many of my looks, there are items that are thrifted from the op-shop or from shops that sell pre-worn items, which was where I scored my booties, top, and this fabulous and fun hat and evening bag.

The Power of Antonyms in Extending and Bending our Style..

My style is always evolving to meet me where I’m at in my life.

Wherever possible I’m looking to extend the wearability of my clothing and putting things together that you would normally think wouldn’t work has been a fun challenge.

In this instance I’ve paired the edginess of the booties and leather moto jacket with the femininity of the tulle skirt and the floral top, also the modern look of the skirt with the old school hat … so much fun really and that’s exactly what I love about fashion is pairing old with new and coming up with an unexpected combination that actually works!

Black pairs beautifully with burgundy and this classic, oversized men’s blazer takes the rule of antonyms to the next level when it’s worn with pleather pants, a feminine hairstyle and a bold belt to emphasise the waist.

There’s plenty in the details here, which is what I love about cool weather dressing – frilled cuff and collar blouse, zip-detail vest, red and grey tartan pants, leather fingerless gloves, fringed leather bag, bowler hat and cosy wrap …

I really loved this outfit and it’s nod to menswear style.

I’m totally enjoying the oversized blazer look, it’s chic and oh so comfy, and that it’s in tartan is perfect!
I love this pic with my little photo-bomber, Freya, she’s such a cutie!

Again, it’s the antonym approach or the meeting of opposites with pleather jogger pants paired with a more executive look of a blazer, and yet it works and once again, takes my clothing that little bit further!

Pleated, tartan pants and bowler hat is on repeat in the next couple of outfits, again demonstrating the versatility of these pieces, because each time they’re styled quite differently from each other, with texture ruling the day – a one shoulder knit in one instance and velvet in the other and with different accessories.

Leather Love and Clothing for the Long-haul..

The leather blazer above and the long leather coat below are more than 20 years old but still delivering the goods where style is concerned.

Have you got some pieces from many years ago that you still wear?

A pairing of black and brown, in this knit dress, is so elegant and perfect for a cold weather day trip to The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Layering is essential, with tights, a satin shirt under a knit dress, a men’s vest over the top and long leather coat over the top, oh and don’t forget the hat and gloves for extra warmth.

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the web and I’d love to hear your thoughts on wearing dark colours in the cooler months and clothing on repeat in the comments!

Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝

  • Susan
    November 19, 2023 at 8:36 am


    I love that long leather trench coat, it probably looks as good today as when your bought it 20 years ago, if not better. This so called vegan or pleather will never last anywhere near as long as real leather or look as good.

    Thank you for posting.


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