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Cute & Cosy Winter Dresses

November 14, 2023

Knit Dresses for the Win!

Before I get on to discussing the outfits presented in this post I’d like to talk about body acceptance as we age and go through various things in our life that changes our body and, indeed, changes our whole lifestyle.

The most important takeaway is that style has no size, shape or age and that the joy of wearing style in our lives is so important because we never know what’s in front of us.

A bit of Background Story

I’m going to share some of my health story with you and talk about my struggle with accepting the new shape that I now have.

Nearly ten years ago I had my first heart attack caused by a rare condition known as Cardio Arterial Spasm Syndrome which is brought on by extreme stress, usually in people who may have taken stimulant recreation drugs or at least smoked heavily – I have done none of these things, but rather had always eaten well, exercised daily and drank moderately.

At the time, however; I had started in a new job which was going to lead to many ongoing stresses and ultimately several heart attacks and early retirement, followed by multiple surgeries for breast cancer reconstruction (all of which failed) and two small strokes, one from the second jab …

So you could say I’ve been through a bit and my body has shown the strain, although I am always kind to it and grateful that I am still able to get on with so many things. I’m less worried about whether an outfit makes me look fat or whatever because I’ve accepted that I’m not as slim as I once was and that’s ok because at least I’m alive and feeling pretty good.

Layering is key in the cooler months and it’s great to pop on a vest so that your arms don’t feel restricted but you’ve still got that extra bit of warmth.

Chocolate in clothing is everywhere this year and I love it as it makes a great neutral to wear over the winter, or any time really.

I’m also loving the trend of pairing black with brown to give the outfit some real depth.

Where my clothing is concerned I love the variety of mixing new with old and op shop (thrifted) pieces.

This outfit is a true case in point, with the dress being a newbie and paired with these beautiful suede leather western booties (brand new) and cap both from my local Salvos, and the vest and sunnies from a local second-hand store. I was really happy with the resulting outfit that was cosy, stylish and fun – with the fringed, boho bag a perfect addition.

The large, statement buttons running down the front of the dress give a nice line to it and draw the eye up and down, which is ideal.

The vest has beautiful detailing and a lovely feminine shape to act as a juxtaposition against the newspaper boy cap and Western booties.

I’m loving this gorgeous colour that I’ve not worn before:

Creamy, dreamy butter, I couldn’t resist this faux wrap knit dress when it came on sale early in Winter.

The neckline of this dress, with the sweet tie, was for me, a no brainer and very flattering and feminine.

I love everything about it – the colour, the fit, the fabric and most of all, the way it makes me feel!

I admit I have a fairly healthy budget to spend on my clothing, mainly because my lifestyle is so modest but even so I’m very careful not to be particularly extravagant and so this dress proved a great option, along with the booties I’ve had for years and the gorgeous seventies inspired coat that also came on sale for only half price and had me walking right out the door with it!

Can’t Beat Red!

This winter red is always such a good colour on me … too good to resist! I loved it paired with the brown weave belt.

Now, this dress, with the addition of the animal print coat, brown weave belt, suede long boots and that fabulous red hat all made for a pretty fabulous winter look.

The style of this dress means that it can be worn a variety of different ways which I really love as it gives greater wearability to the garment.

I can never resist tartan and red is just so perfect.

I have to say that this dress is very much of the moment, with the longer length full skirt, bodice shirring, square neckline.

I edged it up a little with my fisherman’s cap, red sunnies, black tights and cute black suede booties along with a statement necklace.

Sticking With Dresses:

I did a collaboration with @buykud a while back and this dress was so perfect, made from linen, it was great with tights, a big scarf and boots for winter, with a coat over the top, but was also perfect with bare legs during the autumn.

The elephant print and bubble skirt cut make it a completely unique piece and it’s truly a joy to wear and style up for any occasion.

I loved how the two different hats, along with different jewellery, also gave it a completely different vibe!

I can never resist a belt but I really am thinking about letting go of the need to emphasise my waist, that’s it’s ok to embrace a relaxed and comfortable aesthetic – what do you think?

Luscious Velvet Beauty

There’s no doubt that there’s a tactility and glamour to beautiful, quality velvet and this dress is no exception.

I’d love to know which was your favourite in the comments and I look forward to catching up next time!

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the web!

Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝


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