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Fall/Autumn & Winter looks

November 11, 2023

Some Chocolate with that Cream!

In recent posts I’ve talked about my love affair with light neutrals during the cool and cold months, but I’ve also enjoyed the warmth of browns and chocolates.

Layers add plenty of interest and so too does texture.

I’ve really enjoyed creating lots of monochromatic and tonal looks that are not only cosy but stylish too.

Cosy in chocolate

What I really love about Autumn and Winter is being able to layer up big time and this outfit, as well as the ones to follow, are all about the details, which you will notice are frequently on repeat.

I’ve loved wearing the straight-legged pleather pants every possible way.

Pleather pants give a rich look to the outfit

Colour Comes Out To Play

The wide-legged, cropped jeans have also come out to play on a constant basis of late.

This bright teal satin shirt picks up on the blue stripe in the blazer, giving a further dimension to the look
The cap and little leather saddle bag were thrifted and the boots are recycled plastic bottles from Vivaia
This time the chocolate jeans were paired with my cream linen blazer
Monochromatic magic – I’ve always loved wearing all one colour and this long trench was perfect to give movement to the wide legged jeans outfit
Tote bags are on trend and this one is roomy and stylish
I prefer to tie the trench at the back so that floats behind when I walk

When Glam is your Jam!

There’s no doubt that fabrics like satin, silk and faux fur give a glamourous and feminine vibe and this chocolate bias skirt is dreamy to wear and to behold.

This crystal belt came into service again

The vest was so warm but enabled freedom of movement and therefore comfort.

From Glam to Boho..

The brown pleather pants made a return and this time it was with #rewear of this lacy jumper, this time paired with a cosy and detailed poncho.

I wore this to lunch on a beautiful, sunny Sunday with friends and it was just the thing.

I love the relaxed vibe of boho styles, it’s one of my favourite and frequently on repeat these days, always so many ways to work a variety of pieces!

I find them flattering and comfortable, relaxed and fun.

More is more as shown with my little fishy earrings, turquoise pendant, robot necklace, headscarf and bracelets
Add the crystal brooch, small leather cross-body bag and sunnies and you’ve got a cute boho look

How nice is the orange and yellow in this poncho?

They’re warm and vibrant and perfect to lift a winter’s day.

I really appreciate you joining me in my little corner of the web and I’d love to hear from you in the comments or you can join me over on Instagram on Donna.Walmsley101

Until next time!

Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🐝


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