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Beautiful Summer Brights

February 10, 2023

Let some Bright into Your Life!

Fuchsia is everywhere, gorgeous greens are everywhere, and I’m loving every minute of it!

Studies show that not only do bright, fun colours positively affect the mood of the wearer, but also that of those that look upon it!

This is such a feminine and pretty colour and style! Yes, it’s very voluminous but who cares? It gives a lovely swishy feel as you walk along and uplifts the spirit – and I love the button down, shirt style and full sleeves!

I went for a monochromatic approach because I always feel comfortable when I have a head to toe single colour.

Challenging the Colour Wheel! (And loving linen)

So you will be shocked to know that I’ve moved outside of my comfort zone by exploring the combining of colours from across the colour wheel.

When I first saw this trend I though “Nah” but I’ve gradually embraced it!

The lime linen pants are part of a suit, showing the versatility of suits as separates.

I guess it’s no surprise that these two colours work so well, but still I kind of expected the fuchsia and lime would be perfect with a touch of gin, they’re just so mouthwatering together!

Rampant Colour On Repeat!

The beauty of buying a suit is being able to not only wear it as such, but to also pair each of the pieces separately, thereby getting more wear and use out of it.

This printed top has also been on repeat wear this summer because the different colours in it make it easy to pair with so many different colours and items of clothing.

Once again I’ve dipped into placing contrasting colours with each other and I love the result!

Stretching the Wear!

I’ve written before about preferring a sustainable approach to my clothing and styling choices.

I’ve loved that I’ve been able to style all these different pieces in multiple ways. In the following pics I’ve shown brights paired back with neutrals, giving a quieter vibe to the outfit.

Linen has been huge this summer here in Australia because we can certainly have very warm summers that often go on for 6 months, so this fabric is perfect to ensure comfort on the warmest of days.

I’m still in love with hot colours even though I’ve been told that wearing greens and blues will cool my energy down – sometimes I just like it hot!!

When I do want a hot, bright look I just love this beautiful blouse … so feminine, fun and flirty! The sleeves are just so dreamy!

I’m going to talk further about this last pic of a slip dress in a future blog post but how vibrant is it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the move towards brights – give me a comment on it!

Thank you so much for joining me in my little corner of the web and don’t hesitate to catch up with me on my Instagram @donna.walmsley and I’ve made a few little videos on YouTube too …

Sending love to all of you who have come in for a read!

Donna 🧚‍♀️❤️🐝


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