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Autumn/Fall Edit!

April 23, 2022

It’s a bit tricky being in the opposite hemisphere from most fashion bloggers but hang it I’m going to write about Autumn when most of you guys are heading into Spring!

Weather-wise, suffice to say that climate change continues to be alive and well here in usually sunny Australia … we’ve had “unprecedented rains” to add to the unprecedented pandemic and the unprecedented bushfires so … unprecedented it’s been. Usually temperate where we are on the south east coast of New South Wales, it’s been so constantly raining and dreary.

Elevate Your Style!

Looking on the bright side, it’s meant we’ve been able to get into the layers!

There’s nothing like getting dressed intentionally and with effort to make us feel better about a dull and dreary day.

Grab a blazer – in this case a boyfriend shape, although not double breasted or too oversized because that would just swamp my figure – and pop it over a button down blouse or shirt.

Here I’ve paired the blazer and shirt – both with similar colour tones – with some high waisted bootleg jeans and I’ve added some animal print in the little scarf around the head, some cat’s eye sunnies and the bag for some interest.

Got into some bootcut jeans and a button down shirt under a boyfriend blazer – all in fabulous autumnal neutrals!
I’ve really gotten into twisting my shirts at the front in an interesting way of late ..

I’ve paired the same blazer below, this time for a more vibrant look with a shirt that has a fab floral print and some cool pleather pants in a burgundy, together with booties and belt in the same colour – it all gives the outfit an interesting and stylish look with a touch of the shirt’s print on view at the cuffs.

Another shirt, but this time with some chic deep coloured pleather pants, same blazer…

Setting the Colour scene and being Textural!

A great way to embrace a new season, especially in a climate like I live in where there’s very little difference across the year where the seasons are concerned, it’s pretty temperate all year round really, is to move more towards the anticipated colours of that new season.

With us being in autumn/fall it’s nice to incorporate the muted colourful delights of that season of greens, golds and reds…

I tend to move towards pants in the cooler months and the more muted colours are a real delight and what gives the outfit that certain something, something is the difference in textures.

Think denim, pleather and leather and don’t forget the accessories which can be picked up as expensively or not, depending on your budget – but they do make all the difference!

Pair denim with velvet and satin or lace, pleather with animal print or canvas and why not try the new boxy oversized jackets over a thin knit? Speaking of knits, it’s great to get into the cotton ones, as shown below, because it looks snuggly and autumnal without being hot!

Again I’m going for green!
Can’t beat the mixture of textures to give depth to an outfit!
I also have fun experimenting with different hairstyles ..

I haven’t neglected my dresses as the weather vacillates towards cooler climes.

Again, I’ve tended towards strength of colour and the opportunity to layer, one way or another!

Can’t miss me when I wear this one! Added the tulle skirt underneath for some extra warmth and to give extra length too!
A skirt doesn’t go astray either – I’ve owned this one for over 10 years …
Can’t beat a jersey dress for fit AND comfort .. perfect for a meeting where I had to be taken seriously!

These are just some of my favourite things that I’ve been enjoying wearing over the autumn.

I hope you’ve enjoyed joining me in my little corner of the web – I’ve certainly enjoyed having you here! Why not join me on my Instagram: donna.walmsley101 and also my YouTube Donna Walmsley, Work Your Wardrobe.

I knew it was a good sign when my spirit animal appeared close to me in my garden over several days.


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