Lemon Poppyseed Mini Bundt Cakes with Lemon Icing …

A Trip to Sydney …

I’ve talked in my fashion posts about loving myself to get the most out of my life.

The type of food I’m eating, it being the best quality and most nutritious for the healing of my body, contributes to this philosophy.

My daughter and her wife have recently moved and as part of that have taken on the responsibility of a kitten.

I couldn’t wait to meet him as he’s as close as I’m going to get to a grandchild.

And I always have to bring cake!!

Deliciously moist and so wholesome!!

I only ever cook with wholemeal flour.

It gives my Cakes that extra something, something!!

I like to add this to brown sugar, raw sugar, butter, eggs, lemon zest, milk and poppyseed – what more could you want?

Well, I will tell you – mini bundt tins!!

I have always loved the beauty and cuteness of bundt cakes so when I was able to locate these mini bundt tins, in The Mornington Peninsula when we went on our Victorian road trip, I couldn’t wait to use them!!

Mixing it up!!

Cream the butter and the sugars with the lemon zest.

Soak the poppy seeds in the milk to soften …

Add the squeezed juice of a lemon, the milk/poppyseed mix and wholemeal flour and mix for 4-5 minutes with your mixmaster.

Beautifully Baked …

Fill your cute little bundt tins with your mixture and pop them in a moderate heat oven for no more than 10 minutes.

I do not overcook my cakes because we like them moist.

Once the cakes are cooled then it’s time to ice them with some delicious lemon icing …

The Recipe:


2 Cups Wholemeal Self Raising Flour or Plain and add baking powder

1 Cup of Raw and Brown Sugar combined

200gms Butter

2 Eggs

50gms Poppyseeds

3/4 Cup Milk

Zest and juice of 1 Lemon

2 Cups Icing Sugar Mixture


1. Turn oven to 190°C

2. Soak poppyseeds in milk and set aside for 10minutes

3. Cream the butter and sugars together

4. Add eggs

5. Add lemon zest

6. Add wholemeal flour and milk/poppyseed mixture

7. Use your electric mixmaster for 4-5 minutes

8. Spoon into your cake tins

9. Bake in your oven for no more than 10 minutes

TOP TIP: I never overbake my cakes!! We love them moist and delicious!!

10. Use the remaining 15gms butter and mix it gently with 2Cups of icing sugar mixture and a little lemon juice and some zest if you wish and pour over the cakes …

Little Story: we once ran a General Store in rural Australia. Salesmen would call in while going about their business. The same thing would be said over and over again: “Your cakes taste like the ones my grandmother used to make!! They’re so moist and full of flavour … ”

Suffice to say, these babies were a huge hit – and so was the kitten!!

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the web and I hope you enjoy this recipe!!

Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


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