Caramel Deliciousness in Dresses…

Warning: I’ve included pictures of the lingerie that I’m wearing underneath this dress so if that offends it’s at the end of the post …

I’ve joined the style linkup with

Good Enough To Eat!!

Call me crazy but I love my sweets!!

Sometimes I substitute sweet eats with sweet clothing…

Enter this gorgeous Caramel Poplin Shirtdress:

I truly feel that this dress has a little bit of everything and just the right amount of it, at that!!

Buttoned Up!

The dress has just the right amount of fabric so that it isn’t overly voluminous.

It has a grandpa collar and real buttons all the way down the front covered with a placket. I’m wearing the bottom two undone to allow more leg to show…

But that’s not all!

All Wrapped Up!

This delicious, caramel confection has two wide sashes that wrap around the body to tie at the front.

I feel this Sash feature, along with the wide, cuffed three-quarter sleeve, gives this dress a gorgeous kimono look!

I also love the high-low hem and the splits up the sides of the dress which gives it lovely movement when I walk!!

This Goes With That…

Although the dress is gorgeous as a stand alone, it makes such a difference with how it is styled.

The big thing is animal print this season and for a few past, plus it works for someone like me who loves retro looks and classic prints…

The shoes and the scarf are almost a complete animal print match made in heaven and then I added the wooden bag, cute mixed media necklace and my dear little handmade robot earrings that I sourced from Hobart – all of which I’ve had for years!!

The sunnies were a gift for Christmas and I just love the fit of them because I have a very small face and high cheekbones which makes all glasses tricky to fit – like with hats I sometimes have to buy children’s…

Making the Move…

I’ve included lots of pics so that you can see the way the fabric and cut of the dress adds to its movement…

It’s a dress that has seen me through the hot summer but will be equally great during the autumn and even our mild winters here in Wollongong with booties and a jacket!

I do love this safari style of dresses and if I could work out how to do it I would add links to ones that I’ve seen here and there!!

Undercover Story:

This was the beautiful lingerie I wore under the dress and to give me a special feeling from the inside out!

Thank you for joining me today in my little corner of the web and I’d love to hear from you in the comments or leave a like or follow!

Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


    • Thank you, Diane, I’ve had so much of the stuff I wear for years and it’s good to still be getting the wear out of it! I’ve been wanting to do a recipe blog but I forget to take photos of the whole process!! Oh well, have a good week, Diane! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


    • Thank you – I do love this dress, it’s sort of a safari style which I think is fun! And yes the bag is adorable but I’m a,ways careful with it because it can be a bit sharp! Donna 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️🙏


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