Gratitude …. for some of life’s simple things ..

I’m a notorious early bird.

This morning I was up just after 5am and having some quiet time reading a book given to me by my very good friend when I suddenly felt I had to get down to the beach and watch the sun rise.

Barely a soul was around as I was greeted by a pod of killer whales cavorting past in the water…

I felt peace and contentment as I looked out at the stunning colours of the sky, watched birds flying past and listened to the lovely lull of the waves as they hit the sand …

As I sat and thought about my life I felt such a strong sense of gratitude and happiness: this was a time to count my blessings and realise all the advantages and privileges I have that so many people do not have, such as something as simple as a beautiful, mild climate where the middle of winter is full of light and sunshine …

I loved having the whole beach to myself and to be able to take in the energy of the beginnings of a new day and pray for many more such days … I hope that all who read this also experience such peace and serenity at some point during their day,

Thank you for visiting today,

Donna 🦋🧚🏻‍♀️🙏


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